We are committed to respecting   and protecting the personal privacy of its members and those who visit its Web   site. It is our policy to acquire personal information from users only by overt   and voluntary means, only when it is in the interest of the user to provide it,   and to utilize this information only for the purpose it was provided.
The information that follows explains the kinds of information  our Website collects, how it is used, the conditions under   which it is made available to third parties, how information is maintained, and   our compliance with Internet Online Privacy Protection Act.
NOTE: This privacy policy applies only to our website. This privacy policy does   not apply to any council or unit Web site, as their content is not controlled by our website. Please contact the   administrator of any council, unit, or other Web site for information about   their own privacy policies and the information they collect about their site   visitors.
What information does this site collect?
This site collects anonymous data that is not indicative of and cannot be   traced to an individual without the cooperation of their Internet Service   Provider. This data includes information about the user’s remote IP address,   referral data (which page “linked” to the present request), and the browser   software’s user-agent string. This information is accepted passively from the   HTTP headers that are sent from the user when requesting any file from the   server. Other anonymous data entered by the user may be collected in a common   repository, including terms entered into the search engine, ZIP codes entered   into the council locator, etc.
Personally identifiable data is collected only by means of form interfaces   on the site, into which the user must voluntarily enter the information   requested. This information is requested only when it is necessary to accomplish   the overt purpose indicated by the interface containing the form that requests   it. Such for interfaces require only the information reasonably necessary to   accomplish the overt purpose indicated on the interface.
No attempt is made to covertly or “quietly” collect personally identifiable   information, nor are cookies or any other tracking technology used for the   purpose of coordinating information that a user may opt to enter in various   interfaces on the site.
How do we use the information it collects?
The anonymous information collected is used to monitor the usage of this   Web site and the interests of those who use it. Data such as the volume of   traffic to the server, the number of visitors a certain section of the site   receives each month, or the most popular search terms are analyzed to derive   general statistics about the site’s reach and the audience’s usage   patterns.
Personally identifiable information is used only for the express purpose   for which it was submitted. For example, if a user enters their contact   information in the “change of address” form for our subscriber, the information will be used only to change their   address or to correspond with them regarding the change of address.
With whom do we share the information that is collected?
We do not share personally identifiable information   about its web site visitors with anyone.
Reports, statistics, and other analysis of aggregate anonymous information   may be shared within the organization or provided to third parties at the sole   discretion of our company. This information does not include any   personally identifiable information.
Exception: We reserves the right   to use all information at its disposal and to share this information with ISPs   and other third parties as necessary to investigate any incident of misuse or   abuse of its site, server, or information systems.
How do we maintain the information it collects?
In most cases, personally identifiable information is not maintained. Once   it has been used for its intended purpose, it is deleted. Because of the brevity   of this interval, no mechanism is provided to enable users to alter or delete   information they have submitted.
 Policy Modifications and Deviations
This policy was last modified on 16 June 2017
We may modify this privacy policy and will post those changes here. If the   privacy policy changes in the future, we will not any personal information you   have submitted to us under the current Privacy Policy in a manner that is   materially inconsistent with this Privacy Policy, without your prior   consent.
It may be necessary to deviate from this general policy in unique instances   and for specific purposes. In such instances, a link will be provided to a   description of the deviation. This link will be placed where it can be   reasonably expected to be noticed prior to submitting any information for which   this privacy policy is modified or exempted in any way.

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