If you've been injured in an car accident you know what a pain it can be. We have helped thousands in your situation and want to help you too. We can work direclty with the auto insurance carrier or with an attorney under a Letter of Protection (LOP). Our chiropractor and independent on-site MD focus primarily on those that have been hurt in an accident, and we are well-versed in the latest evidence-based care for injuries that most often occur as a result of car accidents. Our treatment protocols and medical records can help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Even if you were at fault for the accident you may have what is called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) under your auto insurance to cover your treatment.
Navigating the Texas Workers Compensation system can be a brutal process for an injured worker in Texas. Probably the most important decision you will make is choosing your treating doctor. Your treating doctor will help file the initial DWC forms and will perform the initial examination that will help determine your approved or "compensable" injuries. Don't make the mistake of treating with a doctor that is not experienced in navigating the Texas Workers Comp system. You need a provider that will fight for you should the carrier dispute any or all of your injuries or treatment. We will file appeals on your behalf if we do not believe you are getting the treatment you deserve, and we employ the services of a formers workers comp adjuster that can assist you with your claim. If you have chosen the wrong doctor, don't worry because you can change your treating doctor, and we can assist you with that process.
Not just any healthcare providers can handle a Department of Labor Federal Workers Compensation claim. Our DOL chiropractor is properly credentialed with the Department of Labor, and we employ the services of former workers comp adjusters to help assist you with your CA forms so you can get your benefits started today. Our DOL chiropractor is experienced in filing the appropriate paperwork for your injuries and treatment, and we offer access to MD's and specialists should you need it. We know how much Department of Labor employees treasure their jobs, and we want to help you get the benefits you deserve until you can get back to work pain-free. We can even help you with your mileage reimbursement for your doctors appointments. 
We treat patients with traditional chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation that are experiencing pain or tightness from degenerative, chronic, or everyday life musculoskeletal issues, or patients that want to maintain a wellness based lifestyle. Our chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation involves spinal adjustments, manual manipulation, joint mobilization, and/or therapeutic exercises in order to decrease any pain or tightness and increase range of motion. We also utilize other chiropractic related therapies such as eletrical muscle stimulation, sometimes known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and ultrasound to aid in the healing process. 
Many healthcare practitioners fail to take slip and fall injuries serious enough. Although a slip and fall may seem minor or innocent enough, we have seen serious injuries as a result of slip and fall accidents. Some slip and fall accidents result in ruptured or herniated spinals discs, torn ligaments or tendons, or even broken bones. Some may try to blame a slip and fall on their own carelessness or clumsiness, but oftentimes slip and fall accidents are the result of someone else's negligence. Perhaps someone did not clean up a hidden, slippery mess that they knew about. Maybe a business did not fix a hazard or obstruction that others had already complained about. With slip and falls and other accident claims you only have one chance to get the treatment you deserve and need for those injuries. If you let too much time lapse insurance companies will deny your care. Get the treatment you deserve now so that you won't be paying for it years later.