A significant number of construction accidents can lead to serious and severe personal injuries. Sometimes, it may even be fatal. These accidents are due to the technologically advanced work setting associated with the use of heavy machinery and equipment which makes them susceptible to back conditions. These are the most common condition affecting construction workers. A slight neglect for safety at workplaces can result in personal injury.​

Environmental risks in the construction industry

  • Floor surface
  • Ways of lifting
  • Lifting beyond your capability
  • Trench collapse
  • Temperature
  • Height of work

All the above are possible hazards to construction workers. It is vital for anyone who has been involved in a construction accident to visit a medical expert as soon as possible. This is irrespective of whether you feel injured or not.  Sometimes, what seems like a mild distress might be a pointer that you have a severe injury or fundamental issues.

How chiropractic can help you

Chiropractic is an alternative medicine healthcare profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and the prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the results caused by the disorders. Chiropractic has been a well-accepted treatment for critical pain and problems of the spine. Signs of injury are:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Whiplash
  • Low energy level
  • Pain between the shoulders
  • Memory loss
  • Vision difficulties
  • Pain in our arms

If you experience any of these symptoms, always visit a reputable construction accident doctor of chiropractic to evaluate your injuries. Work related injuries tend to be chronic the more they are delayed.

Work-related conditions that may cause back pain

Accidental injuries

Accidental injuries may occur due to unexpected events like falling and slipping. This type of accident can exert fast and too much pressure to your shoulder, neck, and shoulder joints. It can result to torn of soft tissues, muscles, and ligaments as well as dislocated bones.

Non – Accidental injuries

Unlike the accidental injuries, non-accidental injuries are caused by regular work activities like standing for too long. A prolonged task, poor body postures, exhaustion, and regular actions are some of the leading causes of injuries. Non-accidental workplace injuries can result in acute back pains if changes are not applied to the work environment and the working activities.

Chiropractic treatment for construction workers injuries

A construction accident doctor of chiropractic can help address the original mechanical or neurological origins of a problem.  Here are the things they can do for you.

In the case of a slip and fall, the accident may lead to trauma to the whole body. A broken limb may be the most obvious result. A construction accident doctor of chiropractic will correct the misaligned bone letting it return to its original position. The procedure is suitably referred to as an adjustment. Chiropractic care will address your pain the issues causing your pain, provide rehabilitation and assist you in regaining your strength and mobility.

Manual massage therapy

Adding a massage therapy in your chiropractic care will be of great benefit to you. Recovery is much faster and more complete than normal through a massage therapy. When the soft tissues have been relaxed through a massage therapy, chiropractic treatment often continues with less uneasiness and more easily.

Benefits of massage therapies

  • Releases trigger points
  • Increases overall circulation
  • Softens and extends tissues
  • Reduces swelling
  • Helps tight muscles and fascia
  • Helps painful sprains and pressures
  • Encourages healing

Spinal adjustment and stimulation

A chiropractor will commonly use spinal adjustment and stimulation to treat a variety of injuries or especially those involving the spine and its surrounding tissues and structures. The chiropractor will make sure that each vertebra is well aligned, hence allowing your body to naturally heal other conditions that are related to your spinal alignment. This treatment helps restore your overall strength, mobility, and flexibility.

Exercising during pain

Exercising can be of help to your musculoskeletal conditions. A chiropractor may prescribe specific exercises tailored to increase range of motion and function and decrease pain.

Ergonomic advice

A construction accident doctor of chiropractic can also offer ergonomic advice to construction workers in order to prevent injuries. It is always good to lessen uncomfortable postures. Overhead works can result to strains on the neck, arm and back.

Work place injury may hamper your productivity and give you constant stress. If you get involved in a workplace injury, consider visiting a chiropractor apart from visiting a doctor. A chiropractor will evaluate your injuries and provide an alternative treatment for you.

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