Irving Injury Center is a top quality Chiropractor Irving, TX conveniently located in central Irving, TX off of N Story Rd south of 183. Our Clinic Director Dr. Thomas Dixon DC has over 30 years experience treating patients of all types, particulary patients that have suffered injuries as a result of an accident. We focus on chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation for car accident injuries, Federal Workers Compensation, Texas Workers Compensation, work injuries, whiplash, sports injuries, neck pain, back pain, pre and post surgical therapy and more. We offer free consultations, free transportation, an independent Medical Doctor (MD), a Spanish speaking staff, referrals to medical specialists when necessary, free claims assistance, treatment under Letter of Protection (LOP), and attorney recommendations. 

Our mission is delivering top quality patient-centered healthcare for injured individuals and families through a modern, integrative and evidence-based approach to chiropractic rehabilitation.  We greatly value our patients and referral sources by making their individual needs and preferences a top priority. 


  • Protecting the licenses of our doctors and our facilities through compliance to all federal, state, and insurance laws, regulations and guidelines.  We achieve this through our voluntary compliance program involving monthly meetings, regular testing of our staff, and external professional audits.
  • Making patient care and satisfaction a top priority with a heavy focus on evidence and outcome based treatment while readily making referrals to other providers and specialists in the medical community for medical conditions or diagnostics outside our scope of practice or focus.
  • Valuing our referral sources by providing detailed, customized and timely reports regarding patient treatment and outcomes with appropriate authorization from the patient.
  • Ensuring that our facilities and equipment are of the highest quality, safety and cleanliness.
  • Always providing a friendly and understanding face and attitude for patients often going through a difficult time.

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